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School of Business and Trade offers a self-study, quality, online, tuition-free education. Programmes are flexible and can be started at any time. Instead of the traditional way of studying for several years, study at your own pace and save time and money.

Free online programmes, learning resources, and online assessments, are what make our programmes so unique and interesting.

About Us

SoBaT was formed to promote education without boundaries and regardless of background. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: ‘Everyone has the right to education and it shall be equally accessible.’ SoBaT currently offers several qualifications to suit anyone interested in higher education.


School of Business and Trade is an independent online business school and not dependent upon any external organisation. We are instead a free school for students around the world. SoBaT programmes prepare you to enter the job market and would look great on your cv/resume.

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You can join us as a partner whether you’re an educational institute, employer, or a training provider. Your students, employees or trainees may benefit from our courses and it will be an ideal solution of their needs. The partnership is absolutely free just send us an email and we will get back to you.

Vision Statement

School of Business and Trade vision statement is quality and tuition-free education for all.

What Our Graduates Say

Obita Solomon Gulu, Uganda

I would like to thank SoBaT for the wonderful tuition free online education. I now have my Professional Certificate in Management right on my CV! The programme is very rich in content, providing wealth of knowledge and practical skills in the fields of business, leadership and management.

SoBaT Education is rigorous, very demanding, and one can only pass the online exams by working very hard.

As an ordained Minister and district Superintendent for a Church in Uganda, SoBaT provides me flexible study opportunity which suit my Work schedules, and family life, and is very affordable. Without this free study opportunity, it would be difficult for me to come this far.

I am now enrolling for the SoBaT Diploma in Business Studies and look forwards to continuing even higher.

I recommend SoBaT’s quality tuition free education to everyone, especially those who cannot afford expensive education commonly offered by our traditional Schools.

Shoaib Ahmad Punjab, India

Thank you SoBaT for providing me the opportunity to develop core management skills through Online self-paced Master of Science in Business Studies programme. E-Learning through OCW at was really a wonderful experience. SoBaT is doing an excellent job by providing tuition-free education through internet on 24X7 basis.

Anil Verghese Al Muharraq, Bahrain

I am Certified Project Management Professional for many years and due to which I am also a lifelong learner and one of my dreams was to continue my learning and understand the global part. This happened when I enrolled in the Master of Science in Business Studies program from SoBaT (School of Business and Trade).

Irrespective of who a person is, what position the person holds, what amount of knowledge he possess, It is critical to business survival to cultivate leadership skills. It was important to me to re-examine what I knew and to sharpen critical leadership skills that now include clarity in organization, strategy development, and communication.

I was also intrigued/interested in the flexibility allocated in course components which combined with the no tuition fees for learning but only for the certification. This was important to me because I was a returning student who hadn’t been in a classroom setting for many years and this was critical to my comfort level and success.

Going through the course content level, I found it interesting and got engulfed in the contents. Though I appeared for the Masters course, I did go through the Bachelor’s course content and like the subjects. Most of the subjects are linked. The exams were not that easy too to pass.

I would surely recommend the course for many students who have the confidence to learn of their own.

Ferdinand Beukes Florida, South Africa

I can honestly state that the SoBaT's MSc is a demanding program which will test one’s knowledge and resolve. I rate it among top similar programs offered by reputable business schools globally which charges exorbitant fees for the same quality education. I am of the opinion that quality and affordable Education should be available to all the citizens of this world and not be reserved for the privileged or financial-abled only. SoBaT satisfies a great need for quality and affordable education globally and I want to encourage Management to continue offering this excellent opportunity. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to pursue further education, updating or upgrading his/her skills, knowledge and/or qualifications.

Blaise Tshibwabwa Red Deer, Canada

I believe Post Graduate Education is essential. I am glad that we have institutions like SoBaT who are making it accessible to many. I completed the MSc In Business Studies and can attest that it is a very robust program and challenging in every aspect. It is more challenging than other MOOC courses out there. I asked a few professors nationwide and regionally what they thought of the curriculum...All of them were impressed and said it is indeed a Masters Level program. In some instances, the SoBaT curriculum had more detailed information than the one they offer in their respective Business Schools.

To the team at SoBaT, keep it up and hopefully you manage to develop a DBA program!

Douglas Funda Ndola, Zambia

I had been searching the internet for a while, looking for an affordable online Master’s degree which I could do without leaving my job and worrying about the fees. Then School of Business and Trade, a true implementer of article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, introduced the tuition-free Master of Science in Business Studies. I have just finished this programme and one of the things I like, is that the material is excellent and very rich, could outdo a good number of expensive universities/institutions where they charge several fees at exorbitant rates. In addition, the online exams are very challenging and will bring the best out of someone. You study and write exams at your own convenience yet come out fully equipped. Thank you SoBaT.

Terrelle Tazzmai Durban, South Africa

School of Business and Trade is outstandingly up-to-date. Each module receives careful and comprehensive treatment and consideration through its emerging online technology to provide free education to students all over the world. Some courses can be challenging, however, it provides a great thought provoking learning experience as it gives a well rounded but in depth understanding and testing of each subject. The programme is very well devised: coherent and wide-ranging. More importantly, it is rigorous and challenging. Thank you SoBaT.

Rumishael Ulomi Arusha, Tanzania

I have always looked into taking my education to the next level; however due to lack of financial support it was difficult to do so. Many thanks to School of Business and Trade for meeting my educational needs through their free online bachelor and master’s degree program offered to candidates like me. I just completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, and my dream is to go on to their offered MSc. Program. My hope is that this endeavor continues to grow and benefit others who like me desire to fulfill their dreams. I will recommend School of Business to all those who are coming from the same background as I am. It was great to study at SoBaT.

Chong Zhi Xiong Selangor, Malaysia

I was looking for an affordable online master degree. However, most of the online master courses are very expensive and not everyone could afford. One day, I discovered a free online master degree offered by the School of Business and Trade (SoBaT) and I decided to give it a try. Finally, I have successfully graduated with a Master of Science in Business Studies. I hope SoBaT can continue to provide free and quality online education to everyone. Thank you SoBaT for helping me in achieving my dream!

Madura Uhangoda Mawanella, Sri Lanka
My Hard work has paid off. I am glad to have SoBaT Graduate Diploma in Business Studies in my CV, where the syllabus content is contemporary and very rich in knowledge covering most of the areas in business and entrepreneurship. This will give you a vast knowledge in business, uplift your CV and it is affordable, wishing everyone all the best in your studies and thank you SoBaT for the great opportunity.