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The School of Business and Trade provides a distinguished online education platform, emphasising self-study, quality, and accessibility at no cost. Our programmes offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling students to commence their studies at their convenience. Unlike conventional lengthy study durations, our approach allows individuals to progress at their own pace, optimising both time and financial resources.

Our distinctive offerings encompass complimentary online programmes, extensive learning materials, and digital assessments, rendering our educational experience engaging and innovative.

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Media & Communication

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Programmes Offered

Professional Mini-MBA Certificate

Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Associate of Arts in Social Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Sciences

Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences

Advanced Diploma in Social Sciences

Diploma in Social Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies

Master of Science in Business Studies

Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

Associate of Science in Business Studies

Graduate Diploma in Business Studies

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies

Diploma in Business Studies

What Our Graduates Say

Obita Solomon
Obita Solomon

The programme is rigorous and very demanding.

Courses are very rich in content, providing a wealth of knowledge and practical skills in the fields of business, leadership, and management. One can only pass the online exams by working very hard. SoBaT provides me flexible study opportunity which suits my Work schedules, family life and is very affordable. Without this free study opportunity, it would be difficult for me to come this far.

Shoaib Ahmad
Shoaib Ahmad

Tuition-free education on a 24/7 basis

Thank you SoBaT for providing me with the opportunity to develop core management skills through an online self-paced Master of Science in Business Studies programme. E-Learning through OpenCourseWare was really a wonderful experience. SoBaT is doing an excellent job by providing online tuition-free education on a 24/7 basis.

Anil Verghese

Flexibility allocated in course components

I was a returning student who hadn’t been in a classroom setting for many years and this was critical to my comfort level and success. Going through the course content level, I found it interesting and got engulfed in the contents. I appeared for the master's course, most of the subjects are linked. The exams were not that easy too to pass.

Ferdinand Beukes
Ferdinand Beukes

Please continue offering this excellent opportunity

I can honestly state that the SoBaT's MSc is a demanding program that will test one’s knowledge and resolve. I rate it among the top similar programs offered by reputable business schools globally which charges exorbitant fees for the same quality education. SoBaT satisfies a great need for quality and affordable education globally.

Blaise Tshibwabwa
Blaise Tshibwabwa

Very robust and challenging programme in every aspect

I am glad that we have institutions like SoBaT that are making it accessible to many. I completed SoBaT's Master of Science In Business Studies and can attest that it is more challenging than other MOOC courses out there. In some instances, the SoBaT curriculum had more detailed information than other reputable business schools.

Douglas Funda
Douglas Funda

Study and write exams at your own convenience

I have just finished their master's programme and one of the things I like is that the material is excellent and very rich, could outdo a good number of expensive universities/institutions where they charge several fees at exorbitant rates. In addition, online exams are very challenging and will bring the best out of someone.

Rumishael Ulomi
Rumishael Ulomi

I wanted to take my education to the next level

Many thanks to the School of Business and Trade for meeting my educational needs through their free online bachelor and master’s degree program offered to candidates like me. I just completed my Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, and my dream is to go on to their offered MSc. Program. I hope this endeavor continues to grow and benefit others like me who desire to fulfill their dreams.

Chong Zhi Xiong
Chong Zhi Xiong

I was looking for an affordable master degree.

One day, I discovered a free online master's degree offered by SoBaT, and I decided to give it a try. Finally, I have successfully graduated with a Master of Science in Business Studies. I hope SoBaT can continue to provide free and quality online education to everyone.