Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Business Studies is a 180 credits programme that focuses completely on business disciplines. It consists of a wide range of courses intended to provide a strong base for technical and practical aspects of a successful business career.

Programme Details

Code BSBS180
Award Bachelor of Science in Business Studies
Level Undergraduate
Credits 180
Language English
Mode Online
Duration Self-paced
Exam Free online exam
Certificate PDF Certificate + Transcript | Sample Certificate
Available to Students from all over the world
Awarding Body School of Business and Trade

Standard Entry Route

 To be Completed  Qualification Required
 Stage 1,2 & 3  The equivalent of Year 12 schooling  OR
   None for the mature student over the age of 21

Recognition of Prior Learning Entry Route (Advanced Standing)

 To be Completed  Qualification Required
 Stage 2a,2b & 3  Undergraduate Diploma (any business field)
 Stage 2b & 3  Associate Degree (any business field)
 Stage 3  Undergraduate Advanced Diploma (any business field)

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, students must complete all 3 stages or less depending upon their entry route.

 Stage 1

 Unit ID Units Credits
 UG010 Financial Accounting 5
 UG020 Introduction to Economics 5
 UG030 Introduction to Information Systems 5
 UG040 Successful Writing 5
 UG050 Introduction to Business 5
 UG060 Principles of Banking and Finance 5
 UG070 Principles of Marketing 5
 UG080 Spreadsheet Applications 5
 UG090 Managerial Accounting 5
 UG100 Microeconomics 5
 UG110 Essential Statistics 5
 UG120 Work Ethics 5

 Stage 2a

 Unit ID Units Credits
 UG130 Workplace Communication 5
 UG140 Business Law 5
 UG150 Macroeconomics 5
 UG160 Personal Finance 5
 UG170 Regional Geography 5
 UG180 Sociology 5

 Stage 2b

 Unit ID Units Credits
 UG190 International Business 5
 UG200 Organizational Behavior 5
 UG210 Risk Management 5
 UG220 Communication Studies 5
 UG230 Corporate Governance 5
 UG240 Managerial Economics 5

 Stage 3

 Unit ID Units Credits
 UG250 International Finance 5
 UG260 Psychology 5
 UG270 Social Problems 5
 UG280 Advertising 5
 UG290 Public Relations 5
 UG300 Human Resource Management 5
 UG310 Mass Communication 5
 UG320 Project Management 5
 UG330 Sustainable Business 5
 UG340 Global Strategy 5
 UG350 Psychology Research Methods 5
 UG360 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods 5

Graduates may be able to work in a broad choice of business-related fields such as

• Account Executive
• Advertising Specialist
• Banking Services Officer
• Budget Analyst
• Business Consultant
• Business Development Manager
• Business Executive
• Economic Analyst
• Entrepreneur
• Finance Manager
• Financial Accountant
• Financial Analyst
• General Manager
• Human Resource Manager
• Management Accountant
• Management Analyst
• Market Research Analyst
• Marketing Manager
• Project Manager
• Public Relations Manager
• Risk Manager
• Social Services Specialist
Enrolment Fee None
Upfront Fee None
Tuition Fee None
Graduation Fee CHF 165 (one-off fee upon completion)

Future Study Options

Upon successful completion of Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, graduates may progress to either Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies or Master of Science in Business Studies.

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