Verify Certificate

Each certificate has a unique verification code that can be used to verify certificate details. This can be found on the bottom right of the certificate. Please enter the certificate verification code below.

You can use this dummy verification code fzgise7k8a to see how it works.

Revoked Certificates

We take it very seriously when people abuse our system and integrity. We have revoked the following certificates because they were obtained through fraudulent payment.

Verification Code Student Name Programme
tf763x428j Jeya Vinothini Elangkovan Bachelor of Science in Business Studies
pt654s439d Paaryveanthan Vellasamy Master of Science in Business Studies
JT992Z524G Ryan Sommer Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies
SI456G797V Ryan Sommer Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Sample Certificate

Fig 1. Sample Certificate & Transcript