Accreditation carries a hefty price tag. Accreditation bodies levy substantial upfront and ongoing fees to confer accreditation upon an institution. Consequently, accredited institutions transfer these costs to students, resulting in significant financial burden. As a tuition-free institution, SoBaT cannot shift these expenses to students and thus cannot afford the fees charged by accreditation bodies.

SoBaT advocates for accessible education without exorbitant fees. Consequently, we have chosen to remain an independent online business school, free from dependence on external organisations. Our objective is to uphold our status as a tuition-free institution for students worldwide.

Universal recognition of credentials is not guaranteed globally; recognition varies at the discretion of employers, companies, or institutions.

Nonetheless, all education holds value, representing an achievement that remains with the individual who has earned it.

Our mission is to offer free education, with the primary goal of empowering individuals through knowledge. However, it is crucial to emphasise that if individuals have intentions other than genuine educational pursuits, such as seeking credits from traditional postgraduate programmes or wanting to use our qualification for immigration purposes, thorough research should be conducted before commencing their studies, not after.

Click here to view the statement on the validity of degrees.

Legalisation / Verification / Authentication / Notarisation

Certain countries mandate the legalisation, verification, authentication, or notarisation of foreign degrees. The School of Business and Trade does not provide these services; therefore, we kindly request you not to contact us regarding this matter.

Wondering how to proceed? Follow the instructions below:

    1. Print out your PDF certificate using a colour laser printer.
    2. Make a photocopy of the printed certificate.
    3. Present this to any notary public or authorised department for certification.
    4. If further verification is required, it can be done through our website or via email.