Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Studies is a 180 ECTS credit programme which focuses completely on business disciplines. It consists of a wide range of courses intended to provide a strong base for technical and practical aspects of a successful business career.

Programme Details

NameBachelor of Science in Business Studies
ECTS Credits180
ModeOnline self-paced
Tuition FeeNo cost, tuition-free
Graduation FeeCHF 129 (one-off)
ExamFree online exam
Available toStudents from all over the world
ProviderSchool of Business and Trade
Entry RequirementsEntry from Stage 1 - 36 Courses to be completed
1) The equivalent of Year 12 Schooling or mature student over the age of 21

Entry from Stage 2a - 24 Courses to be completed
1) Undergraduate Diploma (any business field)

Entry from Stage 2b - 18 Courses to be completed
1) Associate Degree (any business field)

Entry from Stage 3 - 12 Courses to be completed
1) Undergraduate Advanced Diploma (any business field)

2) Good Computer and Internet Skills

Programme Structure

This programme requires completion of the following thirty-six compulsory courses of five credits each.

Course No.Course NameCredits 
Stage 1
OCW001Financial Accounting5Enrol Here
OCW002Introduction to Economics5Enrol Here
OCW003Introduction to Information Systems5Enrol Here
OCW004Successful Writing5Enrol Here
OCW005Introduction to Business5Enrol Here
OCW006Principles of Banking and Finance5Enrol Here
OCW007Principles of Marketing5Enrol Here
OCW008Spreadsheet Applications5Enrol Here
OCW009Managerial Accounting5Enrol Here
OCW010Microeconomics5Enrol Here
OCW011Business Statistics5Enrol Here
OCW012Business Ethics5Enrol Here
Stage 2a
OCW013Business Communication5Enrol Here
OCW014Business Law5Enrol Here
OCW015Macroeconomics5Enrol Here
OCW016Personal Finance5Enrol Here
OCW017Regional Geography5Enrol Here
OCW018Sociology5Enrol Here
Stage 2b
OCW019International Business5Enrol Here
OCW020Organizational Behavior5Enrol Here
OCW021Risk Management5Enrol Here
OCW022Communication Studies5Enrol Here
OCW023Corporate Governance5Enrol Here
OCW024Managerial Economics5Enrol Here
Stage 3
OCW025International Finance5Enrol Here
OCW026Psychology5Enrol Here
OCW027Social Problems5Enrol Here
OCW028Advertising5Enrol Here
OCW029Public Relations5Enrol Here
OCW030Human Resource Management5Enrol Here
OCW031Mass Communication5Enrol Here
OCW032Project Management5Enrol Here
OCW033Sustainable Business5Enrol Here
OCW034Global Strategy5Enrol Here
OCW035Psychology Research Methods5Enrol Here
OCW036Qualitative and Quantitative Methods5Enrol Here
Total Credits Required

How to enrol in a programme?

  1. Click on “Enrol Here” tab and self-enrol in the courses you require.
  2. Complete the courses and achieve a minimum 60% grade in all required courses.
  3. Request issue of the certificate of your chosen programme at

Enrolment is as simple as ABC. You cannot enrol directly in a programme. You need to complete all required courses first and then request a programme certificate. Once we have your certificate request we will then enrol you in your chosen programme and will transfer your SoBaT courses to your chosen programme.