Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Studies is a 120 credit program which focuses completely on business disciplines. It consists of a wide range of courses intended to provide strong base for technical and practical aspects of a successful business career.

This program requires completion of the following forty courses of three credits each.

Semester Course No. Course Name Credits
1 ACC101 Financial Accounting 3
ECO101 Introduction to Economics 3
MIS101 Introduction to Information Systems 3
ACC102 Computerized Accounting 3
ENG101 Successful Writing 3
2 BUS101 Introduction to Business 3
FIN101 Principles of Banking and Finance 3
MKT101 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS102 Spreadsheet Applications 3
TAX101 United States Taxation 3
3 ACC201 Managerial Accounting 3
ECO201 Microeconomics 3
BUS201 Business Statistics 3
BUS202 Business Ethics 3
COM201 Business Communication 3
4 LAW201 Business Law 3
ECO202 Macroeconomics 3
FIN201 Personal Finance 3
GEO201 Regional Geography 3
SOC201 Sociology 3
5 BUS301 International Business 3
MGT301 Organizational Behaviour 3
FIN301 Risk Management 3
HIS301 United States History 3
COM301 Communication Studies 3
6 ACC301 Corporate Governance 3
ECO301 Managerial Economics 3
FIN302 International Finance 3
PSY301 Psychology 3
SOC301 Social Problems 3
7 BUS401 Advertising 3
BUS402 Public Relations 3
MGT401 Human Resource Management 3
POL401 American Government and Politics 3
COM401 Mass Communication 3
8 BUS403 Project Management 3
BUS404 Sustainable Business 3
MGT402 Global Strategy 3
PSY401 Psychology Research Methods 3
SOC401 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods 3
Total Credits Required 120


Program Details

Course Number: BUS120
Qualification Name: Bachelor of Science in Business Studies
Course Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 120 Credits
Language: English
Mode: Online self-paced
Cost: No cost, tuition-free
Exam: Free online exam
Certificate: Optional
Available to: Students from all over the world
Provider: School of Business and Trade

How to enroll in a program?

  1. Find out which courses are required in your chosen program.
  2. Sign up at and self-enroll in the required courses.
  3. Complete and achieve minimum 60% grade in all required courses.
  4. Request for issue of certificate of your chosen program at

Enrollment is as simple as ABC. You cannot enroll directly in a program. You need to complete all required courses first and then request a program certificate. Once we have your certificate request we will then enroll you in your chosen program and will transfer your SoBaT courses to your chosen program.