Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is School of Business and Trade (SoBaT) located?
School of Business and Trade is an online business school. As it is a completely online school, we do not have a brick campus or an actual street address.

What is the SoBaT phone number?
School of Business and Trade is a completely online school. For this reason, we do not answer phone calls, and all enquiries are dealt with through our email at info @

How much is the tuition/certificate fee?
Currently there is no tuition fee applicable. However, if students wish to obtain a verified certificate, there will be a charge. Please refer to our website for information on current charges.

Why do you charge verified certificate fee?
Certificates are issued by our administration department which involves manual administrative work. Consequently it is an expense, therefore we have to charge the certificate fee and postage charges if you choose paper certificate.

How will I get the verified certificate?
PDF certificates will be emailed within 7 to 14 days. Please wait 14 days before contacting us.

Can students from other countries enrol in SoBaT course?
Yes, certainly students can enrol from anywhere and can study online.

Where will examinations/assessments be conducted?
All courses will be assessed through online quizzes.

What is your enrolment policy?
The maximum time allowed for a single course is six months.

What is your fee refund policy?
We do not charge tuition fee. The certificate fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is your credit transfer policy?
We do not transfer credits in from external institutions. If you have studied elsewhere, you can skip the learning process and move directly onto the final quiz for grading. If you want to transfer School of Business and Trade credits elsewhere, please inquire directly to the academic institution that will be receiving the credits. It is entirely up to them whether they accept our credits or not.

What is your inactive account policy?
If an account is inactive for six months, it will be completely deleted, including grades.