Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Finance

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The Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Finance is an entry level qualification. This program requires completion of the following five courses of three credits each.

Term Course No. Course Name Credits
1 ACC101 Financial Accounting 3
ECO101 Introduction to Economics 3
MIS101 Introduction to Information Systems 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Total Credits Required 15

Elective Courses

Term Course No. Course Name Credits
Any ACC102 Computerized Accounting 3
ENG101 Successful Writing 3
BUS102 Spreadsheet Applications 3
TAX101 United States Taxation 3
BUS202 Business Ethics 3
COM201 Business Communication 3
BUS401 Advertising 3
BUS402 Public Relations 3
MGT401 Human Resource Management 3
BUS403 Project Management 3
BUS404 Sustainable Business 3
MGT402 Global Strategy 3

Program Details

Course Number: ACC015
Qualification Name: Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Course Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 15 Credits
Language: English
Mode: Online self-paced
Cost: No cost, tuition-free
Exam: Free online exam
Certificate: Optional
Available to: Students from all over the world
Provider: School of Business and Trade

How to enroll in a program?

  1. Find out which courses are required in your chosen program.
  2. Sign up at and self-enroll in the required courses.
  3. Complete and achieve minimum 60% grade in all required courses.
  4. Request for issue of certificate of your chosen program at

Enrollment is as simple as ABC. You cannot enroll directly in a program. You need to complete all required courses first and then request a program certificate. Once we have your certificate request we will then enroll you in your chosen program and will transfer your SoBaT courses to your chosen program.